Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have a routine pregnancy check up with Klinik Kesihatan. Yess. It's time for me to go to office a little bit late. he he....Actually I plan to wash clothes. Already put in washing machine last night and let it soak in soap first. Wake up this morning at 5.55am prepare Chempedak Goreng and at the same time 'putar' the clothes in the machine. Finally end up with putting the clothes in the pail and fill the water up into the pail. I dont have enough time to 'bilas' la... Hmm.. time always not enough although we feel that we have some extras!! How precious it is kan...

I arrived at the clinic at sharp 9am. Still have a few moms in the que. Wait for the turn. Weigh myself at 62kg using the weighing machine provided. My turns come and the nurse took my BP, HB. As usual my HB always red meaning low compare to the standard that required for pregnant woman. But now lower than the previous. Nurse said she need to forward the case to the doctor, but then she refuse to do so and give me chance for another 1 month. She advice me to take pills. And this time she add the quantity. 2 pills for iron and vitamin c and still maintain 1 pills for folic acid and B-complex. Yea ... I know may be its my mistake la... for almost 1 month I'm not took that pills. In front of nurse I just said that I took it he.. he.. that the main reason. I feel like uwekkk when taking it... During my first pregnancy, I also faced this problem... and even in my pre-marriage I also faced this problem. My medical check-up to join my previous companies showed that too.

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