Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Ramadhan come again! Alhamdulillah ...Allah still me give chance to celebrate Ramadhan this year.

Hmm the best things in Ramadhan is our office hour ends-up at 5.00pm. Yesterday, I still arrived home at 7.15pm as my hubby arrived my office at 5.30pm, buying dishes at Pasar Ramadhan and heavy rain in Sg Buloh area and took Nabila from nursery. At nursery, only Nabila left. The other kids has been taken by their parents. Hopefully, today and the rest we can arrived earlier than this. Feel pity for the baby sitter too! Understood that she also want to feel the advantages of breakfasting with her family too!!
Actually for breakfasting, I prefer to cook myself... but u know sometimes the things that we want to do...we can't do.. hmm.. I will try my best to cook on working day.. on weekend of course la kan.. First day of ramadhan I have chance to prepare Ikan Terubuk Bakar (guna arang woo..) Air Asam, Kerabu Taugeh.. Nasi Goreng and Kuih Lopes... marvellous... eat till my hubby feel lazy to go to Surau for Terawikh and me... so full till asleep at sofa ...sorry la yang!! Bad habit kan!!

The not-so-good thing is 'poket kering da' ... as the government servant and other company employee's as well as my hubby did get the August salary somewhere in the end of august or early and employee of .... company still do not know the status of our August salary. Some said it still on the same date with previous month!!! ghhhh... Can you imagine.. if our August salary somewhere in the middle.. husshh I can say middle although its not middle... how about our salary for September... is it after Hari Raya? Where everybody else do get their Hari Raya bonus or 1 month bonus or at least their salary before Hari Raya...? Oh god... May be because of that I can see my collegue in the office look for other job. Some focus on business... some focus on investment... some focus on how to get extra income... in the office hour... not rare here... And the famous scheme currently in our office is Program Wang Pos Ekspress... may be some other time I tell about that... dont worry I also join that.... who knows my luck... only those hardworking can get it...

OK, better late than never... Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa...

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