Friday, August 15, 2008

RM Blues...Hoorey Kedah Menang Lagi

Just renew my car roadtax which the last day is today 14August 2008 for RM72 . Hubby pay the insurance yesterday for RM 615.20 with Pacific Orient. Not as usual,where we got umbrella or etc, this time no souvenier for the payers (Not only to him but the other payers). The only best thing that we got this year is RM 625 for the petrol rebet. But the thing is, I still get RM -62.20 in my hand. ho ho....

Talk about RM, actually I still not get my salary for July 08. Not only me lah.... all worker in the kilang ok... for prodution poeple executive below.. they got advance for RM 200. Me? Nothing I got. Just hoping.. that the salary will appear into our account as soon as possible. Sad. The PA to the bos said... may be next week lah... hm.. hmmm... Apalagi should use our saving dulu la nak bayar hutang.. although actually I really don't have any saving. Syukur... I manage to cover... My Taska payment I advance it 1 month, same goes to my Personal Loan but not my car payment... Including this month I think this is more than 3 time I pay it after 17th. But this time, I think I better sacrifice to advance 1month for the payment. If not I will suffer for the late interest. Manyak ooo klu calculate although it only one, 2 or 3 days ajerr... hmmm... That's how suffer we are. But dunno why I still can work here. There must be something interesting here... what aaa?

I'm driving myself today. have a few things to do when going back.

1. Collect Comforter that sent to Dobby a few weeks ago. Hope nothing happen to my comforter though long delay...

2. Buying Cosway - got a few orders from friend who already paid it. Sorry ya my frenzz for long delay also.... Luckily for June sale I managed to get a few RM as bonuses from COSWAY. (I will use it to pay my comforter... )

Last night, I manage to cook Laksa Asam... very the simple mimple resipi lah... got from this. For working have to try this out. Senang ... cepat.. mudah dan sedap.... I think I start cooked at 9pm and managed to finish it at 9.45pm. Siap potong2 the timun, bawang, cabai melaka, asam limau.... Hmm.. sorri eek gambo dia cuma tinggal bekas jer..... he he...

Congratulation to Kenari team bolasepak Hijau Kuning kesayangan ku... Kita Menang lagi setelah Kedah membelasah Terengganu 3-0. You all pasti ke final... Yang pasti saya memang nak Kedah ke final.. so that my house will full of cherish at that time with family from Kedah... Just as last time when Kedah go for Final FA Cup... And disebabkan semangat, hubby dah pasang kat umah bendera Malaysia (semangat hari Kebangsaan... kan bulan OGOS skang ni!), bendera Kedah and Bendera Kelab Penyokong Bola Sepak Kedah (KEPAK) walaupun sebenarnya kami tinggal kat negeri Selangor haa. ..ha..(try to find bendera selangor...soon) CONGRATULATION to the team and penyokong2 KEDAH also!!!

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