Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today we face problem for one of the part. It's texturing different from previous texturing - a bit rough. Our vendor running it with second mold which has not been running for few month after retexturing activity in february. They also do not inform us that they were going to run the second mold instead of first mold like before. However, a few days back my staff did inform that the texture was different from previous. But my senior exec and do I agree to proceed delivery to customer with the reason that its texturing was not much different from old sample that we have.
And the result end with the first tier vendor before delivery to PERODUA do not accept it. They want approval from P2 first before they can proceed with it. P2 however asked for development sample first before they can approve. If we can prove it, they have no issue to let the part enter their line. And that's come the big problem. After pushing everybody to look for it, we can't find the development sample. What a big mistake!!!
All the parts that send to the first tier vendor have been returned back to us until we can get approval from P2. And at this moment we still can't get the approval from P2.
Luckily in our storage, we still have some stock from first mold previously. We deliver it first to our customer. Finally, we decide to rework the reject stock using sand paper gred 1000. After a few experiment and trial, we find it ok to proceed with it. First batch will be delivered by tomorrow. Hopefully... customer will be happy with the result. The important thing that should be remember - do not tell the customer that we have rework it...

Tata... mcm mana mau balik da.. hujan lebat ooo

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