Thursday, August 21, 2008

Black Goat

Finally we got our salary for July 2008! Last night it already in my Maybank Account... hhhhh.... Told hubby to settle car (double pay this month so no need to worry next month payment), phone, insurance, bills. Hubby said next week he will get salary for August da.. What a bad company da... Apa nak wat yang! Sy cari makan kat situ....

Something happen just now that make me feel really annoy and irritate.

I was on the phone with Purchasing Man.. discussing about PO of Taper Gauge and Gauge Block that we ordered. After I hang off the phone... come a man ... hhh so busy body la..

He: Apa... tools yang banyak2 kita ada selama ni pegi mana!! (with arrogant face)
Me: (Just jungkitkan sy nye bahu... sbb mmg meluat sgt dengan dia ni. x pasal2 datang menyibuk hal kerja orang lain.. n dia ni memang jenis orang yang x boleh respect orang yang berlembut ngan dia. Kena sinis sikit)
He : Habis tu selama ni korang tak buat kerja ker yang tools semua tak derr!!!
Me: (Ishh mamat ni nak kena ni apahal lak menyibuk sgt ni) Abih tu dah semua tools bawak pigi korea mcm mana nak ada tools nyer... Terpaksa la cari lagi...
He: O. Brapa satu tools tu? (with arrogant face again !)
Me: Ala RM40 ja. Baik beli dari x dak !
He: (Angguk2) Hmm tau tak sal ari Isnin?
Me: Tau
He : Tau x tempat dia?
Me : X tau tp leh cari a!
He : Awak cari nanti awak naik ngan saya
Me: Saya drive sendiri.... (Mmg dah berhasrat x ingin naik kreta ngan dia dari masa dpt tau yang aku kena p ngan dia)
He: Ooo drive sendiri .. ha.. lagik ok la.. ingat awak naik ikut saya...

Hsssh ... I really irritate with that man la.. He is Manager for different department which have no issue to deal with ours... If he is a good manager, I can say I can respect him la... if he interupt me with good manner... but he is not.. I can't respect him on what he has done today and previous issue. I can see nothing... Just an arrogant face da... commonla man... A friend who just join our company is around when the incident happened. Immedietely after the man left us he asked who is that man that is so arrogant to talk like that. See how bad he is ...

I told the story to my boss and he said why dont you answer back... " Mmg kami x buat keja sebab masuk pkl 9 pkl 10.. mcm mana nak wat keja.. " reflecting back his wrong doing. But I'm not a person who is spontanous...can reply back with 'sinis' answer... But I'm satisfied coz
1. For this Monday (25th August 2008) Seminar at Sunway Convention Centre I will not car pool with him.
2. He asked me to join him although with arrogant face and maybe not frank also. (As far as I know he is not a type of person who like to let people car pool with him)

OK my husband has arrived. Time to go back... tata..

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