Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hoop ho la hoop... mari kita gembira

This is my daughter's latest photo...taken yesterday @ 1year and 7 month (this 19th)
Hmm.. our plan to go MAHA 2008 last weekend postponed to next week since my family will come down to KL for Final Piala Malaysia at that time. It's my sister's wish to visit it as she is venturing in goats livestock. May be to get some latest knowledge about it. But for me and hubby, we all go there to get some contacts from krepek manufactures or any other product that can be sell. Ye la we all kat part time seller... and of course la ...ENJOY!!!
Last time when we go to MAHA (if I'm not mistaken it was held in PWTC) we bought variety of vegetables and it cost us only a few RM only compare to outside and of course its fresh from farms.

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