Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Have you facing this? Eventhough we are not doing wrong or something bad to them, they doing bad to us. I'm facing this right now.
Story 1:
One of my ex-staff reporting to me, currently my neighbour (not side by side but in one row with my house) is giving hurt to me. Last week sunday, he conduct open house but do not invite us. At first I keep saying... ala orang x invite lg senang x yah la pegi... but deep in my heart...I keep thinking why this situation happen to me? Yea... from other colleague, they inform that he was very grievance towards me. Actually, I do not know what I have done wrong towards him. He personally quit the company previously and gave reason that the management want him to join shift not work in normal working hour as the time reporting to me. Meaning change to other section. But he was thinking that it was a conspiracy done by me to let him move out. But commonly man... see yourself first. If you are right, the boss wont do it to you la... Actually, my boss and boss to the boss already rimas with his act and they plan that to limit his movement. Ye la if reporting to me he has to go out to visit vendor but the other section only work inside the kilang. I know you la... I've been working with you for almost four years and I really know yourself. See yourself first before pointing a finger towards others to show the wrong doings. Always missing from workplace... even the other neighbour report to me he lepak at house in the office hour.. cheating overtime... when comes to do works.. so many excuses given .. . .. I think I am the most simplest and the most democratic boss he ever had la... For the past 4 years I was giving him most tolerance that I can give and always support him what..... After he resign from the company he join a company and I heard it only last for 4 months only. I heard he gaduh with his boss... and now unemployed. Other collegues also now looking for him due to loan debt which not settle since he quit our company alhtough he has job at that moment. .... And right now I keep thinking .......how come a person with no jobs.... having unsettle amount of debt... which may be black list (he and his guarantors which also my friends) still have the wills to have an open house activity.... hmmm... blank...
Story 2:
My daughter's ex-pengasuh also conduct open house on saturday, and he also not inviting us. Blank... ye la marah mmg still ada sbb ada crita2 yang kurang menyenangkan masa dia menjaga my baby but itu kan cerita lama... I also still drop by her stall which sell Roti Canai... but not always la..sbb kurengg skit kan.. The most hurting is when the other neighbour do ask ...why not join the open house... how to join... orang x mau invite...

Blank... blank ... blank... what to do ... just be patient....
Plan: if we do open house or other activity... plan to invite them from both cases.... but what to do... pulus pula... tidak mengizinkan da... walau kecil2an.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Checkup Again (7/10/2008)

My Hb goes down to 8.7. The doctor asked to check for FBC and the result is 9.9. Dont know! I already take the pills may be not enough as I skip taking it for 2 days last week on 1st and 2nd day of Hari Raya.Doctor said need to proceed to FBP to detect why my HB still low although I took pills and remind that I need to re-do the 2nd test of MGTT on week 28 of pregnancy. OK la doctor whatever lahh... But last week I feel pretty tired and weak.May be because of this low Hb and maybe because of tiredness of Hari Raya Celebration. What I do :
1. Eat vitamin as per instructed. 2 pills vitamin C, 2 iron, 1 folic acid, 1 vitamin B complex in the morning. Plus multivitamin (obimin) in the night.
2. Breakfast with 2pcs 1/3-cook 'telur ayam kampung'. I do it only for 4 days as my stock already finish. My MIL gave it that day.
3. Eat 'Roti Telur' at 10am also for 3 days. (Mmg rasa nak makan nie jerr)
4. Eat 'Nasi Lemak Ayam' at 1pm for 3 days. (Bkn x dak menu lain cuma memang terasa nak makan ni jer...)
And what I got:
1. My level of tiredness goes down. I feel stable.
2. I feel headache on the third day i follow this diet.
and what I do:
Stop diet no 3 and 4. Continue diet no 1. But I think I should continue diet no 2 if I still have some stock. (Eat vegetables...Drink a lot of water - ni memang slalu wat la....)

And everything seem to be OK right now. have another check up this coming 16th. Hopefully my HB will increase a little bit.

Cannot eat too much as my blood sugar level may be increase. Sadis...2x.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome back Klang Valley Stooges!

Just enter office today after about a week of Eid holiday. Only a few cars at the parking lot give sign that many of friends still on their holiday. For my department, only my boss, the guy that just join the company and me report to work. The others still on their holiday. I already expect this situation (for my department) as the leave planning was already done before raya. Seem the same situation goes to the other department. Deep in my heart, still dont want to start work, but what to do as my hubby's boss already remind him before Hari Raya, to start work on Monday.... apa nak wat... terpaksa la balik jugak last night... dengan berat hatinya!

Just come back from hometown last night. Arrive home safely at around 11pm after a massive journey with traffic jam that took us almost 8 hours. Usually it only took us 5 hours to drive from Rawang to Alor Setar including breaks. Forgot to take picture as a prove but seriously last night was the worse traffic jam that I've ever been since I was travelling. The traffic jam start from Taiping! Not as usual, it only start after Ipoh area in heavy traffic time. But thanks to Allah, finally we manage to arrive home safely although we have not taken any break as all R&R and 'perhentian' area is full and packed with people. This end up with taking dinner around 12am last night as the stomach keep beeping for food...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1429H



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