Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pregnancy Symptoms....

aaaa... Today, I wake up late at 6.35am as a result of my tiredness and feeling uneasy to breath last night (although I dont have any ashtma)... but still managed to cook Nasi Goreng Malas for my hubby. Hubby told me last night that he already boring buying nasik lemak every morning and want to eat my Nasi Goreng Malas. (A few days back I am fasting so I dont have feeling to cook since hubby said "I can buy dont worry") Before 7am I already finish my Nasi Goreng Malas...Emmm sedap.. Its a simple cook. Lets try it...

Nasi Goreng Malas
1/2 Bawang besar
5 biji cili padi
3 tangkai cili kering
Fish ball/ ikan bilis
2 biji telur
Nasi sejuk

1. Bawang besar, cili padi cili kering diracik halus. Fish Ball juga dipotong halus.
2.Panaskan sedikit minyak. Masukkan bahan yang diracik/potong ke dalam kuali.
3. Bila bahan tersebut sudah agak garing pecahkan 2 biji telur ke dalam kuali dan kacau sehingga agak kering dan halus.
4. Masukkan nasi, garam dan sedikit serbuk perasa.
5. Kacau sehingga nasi berasap bila dikacau barulah padamkan api.

A few days back I feel that my gum already swollen. I'm now only 4 month plus of pregnancy. For my last pregnancy, I also facing this problem but in the 7 month only it started. The doctor said that it's normal for preggy to have problem like that. So you must take a good food to maintain it. But I feel uneasy. Everytime there is blood stain on my gum and teeth and this will lead to bad odor of your mouth. I can only brush my teeth a little bit. If I brush it as usual the blood come out too much and also lead to more gum swollen. This also lead to bad odours to my mouth. I remember during my previus pregnancy, the dentist scold me that I was not brushed my teeth properly. Thats why gum problem happen. The doctor only do a simple scaling and I can remember it only takes about 5 minutes to finish it. Magically, after I gave my birth the problem suddenly disappeared eventhough I was not done anything to my teeth and gum. AND this time the same problem happen again. Should I go to see the dentist again? or should I just let the problem disappear just like that? Hmmmm.....

Ok it's already 6.10pm.. got to prepare for going back. Hubby is coming on the way... Have a nice weekend frenzz!!!

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maizura said...

i also hv similar prob k, last week pegi dentist siap kena perli2 lagi. bongok tak. i paid her to fix my gum, not my ears.

i guess dats y people hate the dentist a lot, as some of them do not know the difference btw giving advice and insult.

my 1st pregnancy ok je.