Thursday, July 16, 2009


My MIL now is in HBAS again! 3 weeks before she has been admitted for Batu Karang Surgery and we were going back hometown at that times. And this weekend again we are going back to Kedah. This time my MIL is having 'Kayap' inside the ear based on scanning report by one klinik pakar there.. actually the pain inside the ear start before my MIL admitted to the ward for surgery. It become worse after 1 week of the surgery where by my MIL can not eat and this make my MIL were not able to move and only can move eyes. Doctor at government clinic there just added in water for energy. By the weekend of last week, she become stable and able to move easily without any help from the other. However, yesterday my SIL inform that the previous symptom come again. and this time, the doctor advice to go to the hospital.

Previously, my mother has visit my MIL and suspected that my MIL disease is Chikugunya. She actually compares what has happen to my MIL and the other cases of her friends. Maklumla Chikugunya case kt kedah kan banyak. But, my MIL and family refuse to admit it. Maybe because dokto pakar yang cakap kayap. Apa2 pun kan klu Chikugunya, the same symptom will repeat for the following 6 months. And ubatnya hanya tambah air saja untuk kurangkan panas dalam badan serta ubat tahan sakit untuk mengurangkan sakit2 pada sendi2.

On my site, I just waiting and waiting.... what ever the disease it is, I hope my MIL will get well soon. and we are going back again to Kedah on Friday night.

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Webmaster said...

Dugaan untuk MIL tu. Sama-sama kita doakan semoga dia cepat sembuh.. AMIN..