Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome back Klang Valley Stooges!

Just enter office today after about a week of Eid holiday. Only a few cars at the parking lot give sign that many of friends still on their holiday. For my department, only my boss, the guy that just join the company and me report to work. The others still on their holiday. I already expect this situation (for my department) as the leave planning was already done before raya. Seem the same situation goes to the other department. Deep in my heart, still dont want to start work, but what to do as my hubby's boss already remind him before Hari Raya, to start work on Monday.... apa nak wat... terpaksa la balik jugak last night... dengan berat hatinya!

Just come back from hometown last night. Arrive home safely at around 11pm after a massive journey with traffic jam that took us almost 8 hours. Usually it only took us 5 hours to drive from Rawang to Alor Setar including breaks. Forgot to take picture as a prove but seriously last night was the worse traffic jam that I've ever been since I was travelling. The traffic jam start from Taiping! Not as usual, it only start after Ipoh area in heavy traffic time. But thanks to Allah, finally we manage to arrive home safely although we have not taken any break as all R&R and 'perhentian' area is full and packed with people. This end up with taking dinner around 12am last night as the stomach keep beeping for food...

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