Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Checkup Again (7/10/2008)

My Hb goes down to 8.7. The doctor asked to check for FBC and the result is 9.9. Dont know! I already take the pills may be not enough as I skip taking it for 2 days last week on 1st and 2nd day of Hari Raya.Doctor said need to proceed to FBP to detect why my HB still low although I took pills and remind that I need to re-do the 2nd test of MGTT on week 28 of pregnancy. OK la doctor whatever lahh... But last week I feel pretty tired and weak.May be because of this low Hb and maybe because of tiredness of Hari Raya Celebration. What I do :
1. Eat vitamin as per instructed. 2 pills vitamin C, 2 iron, 1 folic acid, 1 vitamin B complex in the morning. Plus multivitamin (obimin) in the night.
2. Breakfast with 2pcs 1/3-cook 'telur ayam kampung'. I do it only for 4 days as my stock already finish. My MIL gave it that day.
3. Eat 'Roti Telur' at 10am also for 3 days. (Mmg rasa nak makan nie jerr)
4. Eat 'Nasi Lemak Ayam' at 1pm for 3 days. (Bkn x dak menu lain cuma memang terasa nak makan ni jer...)
And what I got:
1. My level of tiredness goes down. I feel stable.
2. I feel headache on the third day i follow this diet.
and what I do:
Stop diet no 3 and 4. Continue diet no 1. But I think I should continue diet no 2 if I still have some stock. (Eat vegetables...Drink a lot of water - ni memang slalu wat la....)

And everything seem to be OK right now. have another check up this coming 16th. Hopefully my HB will increase a little bit.

Cannot eat too much as my blood sugar level may be increase. Sadis...2x.


queserasera said...
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queserasera said...

salam. hai kam~!! lamanya tak berkabar. dah beranak sorang rupanya. keja mana la ni. heh, sakit apa ni.. pregnant baby kedua ye? harapnya akan semakin sihat dan dpt melahirkan dengan selamat.. insyaAllah~